Why Karis Music Academy?

Karis Music Academy (KMA) is established to raise committed music ministers in this present age of church growth and expansion.

Our vision is to fully utilize and compound our best giftings in transforming kingdom music into an excellent art-form and the dominant culture in the land.

Our objectives are listed below:

To promote quality of worship.

To provide basic and advanced education/training in music as a ministry/discipline and related courses.

To expose the students to practical performances, theories and as well as run courses in Bible Studies.

To enable them have a broad knowledge of music, sound management and general management principles to organize and run Choir and Praise/Worship Teams.

To create an atmosphere where the music worker will be spiritually equipped to fit in anywhere the need arises.

To organize seminars and workshops for those who desire to develop themselves musically.

To elevate music workers spiritually, mentally, physically, financially, materially in any and every way they will live a life of service to glorify God.

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