Les Karis Nigeria Ltd

Karis Equipment Sales and Installation

Karis’ equipments stock super hi-tech musical equipments both for indoor and outdoor engagements. We are specialist in the sales, installation and maintenance of these equipments  as would be required by our clients. We also offer soft facilities in the acquisition of these equipments with a down payment of 60% and a bi-monthly instalmental payments.

Karis' Equipment Rentals

Karis’ rental services provide a first class rental services in the areas of:

  • Public address systems both indoor and outdoor
  • State of the art musical instruments (indoor & outdoor)
  • Large stage rental for different occasions
  • Powerful stage lighting systems

Rehearsal/Recording Studio Services

In constant harmony with our vision to equip the body, spirit and soul of a believer, Karis has moved a step further in the areas of training, organising and development of choirs, mass choir, musicians, artistes and corporate individuals with a view to enhancing their respective callings.

Our new facility is tailor made to provide students, participants and artistes with: Rehearsal Studio for Music Minister, training church ministration, corporate individuals, mass choir and digital/analogue studio to record your work and digitally master them.

Karis Consultancy Services

At Karis, we render the best consultancy services in the area of music. We do not have boundries when it comes to music ministration for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.